Thank you very much for your interest in starting this Perpetual Prayer program in your church! 

Please share with us the following info, and we will make up a sample Perpetual Prayer Card for you to review with your church:

Front of Card:

1.       Church Name:

2.       Optional Logo (Attach JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP)

3.       Bible Verse (Romans 12:12 standard)

4.       Phone:

5.       Website:

6.       Church Address:

Back of Card:

1.       Custom Info Line1

2.       Custom Info Line 2

3.       Custom Info Line 3

4.       Custom Info Line 4

5.       Custom Info Line 5

1.       Preferred Card Boarder and Line Color?


We look forward to hearing back from you soon.  May God bless you!

Perpetual Prayer Cards-Web1 Top Front 7-12-19
Perpetual Prayer Cards-Web2 Top Back 7-12-19