Thank you very much for your interest in starting this Perpetual Prayer program in your church! 


Perpetual Prayer Book

Please share with us the following info, and we will make up a sample Perpetual Prayer Card for you to review with your church:

Front of Card:

1.       Church Name:

2.       Optional Logo (Attach JPG, JPEG, PDF, BMP)

3.       Bible Verse (Romans 12:12 standard)

4.       Phone:

5.       Website:

6.       Church Address:

Back of Card:

1.       Custom Info Line1

2.       Custom Info Line 2

3.       Custom Info Line 3

4.       Custom Info Line 4

5.       Custom Info Line 5

1.       Preferred Card Boarder and Line Color?


We look forward to hearing back from you soon.  May God bless you!

Perpetual Prayer Cards-Web1 Top Front 7-12-19
Perpetual Prayer Cards-Web2 Top Back 7-12-19