Perpetual Prayer Cards

Perpetually pray for your friends, family, and coworkers.

Perpetual Prayer Books

Perpetually pray for the people you come in contact with who need Divine help.

Praying like never before

Perpetually pray for God to help those in your book, and to lead you to others who need Him!

taking prayer seriously


Have you ever told someone you'd pray for them, then forgot to? Or maybe you quickly said a little prayer as you were walking away from them to make sure you honored your word.



When talking with someone who could use your prayers, fill out a Perpetual Prayer Card with the person's information and their prayer request. Tear the two cards apart and hand them the card with your church's customized information, then add the contact card to your folder of contact cards.

Every day from that point on, perpetually open the card folder and pray for each individual situation.


Next Steps...

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